The principles of Compassion Focused Therapy are drawn from a wide range of fields including evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, models of emotion and cognitive and behavioural approaches.  As such there is a wealth of articles, chapters and books that may be useful to both clinicians and researchers interested in developing a greater understanding of this area.

If you are aware of papers that may related to this area, and may be of interest to others, please contact us with the details.

We hope the following papers will be both interesting and useful to you.

International Journal of Cognitive Therapy

Special edition of this journal on compassion.

A pilot exploration of heart rate variability and salivary cortisol responses to compassion-focused imagery

Rockliff, H., Gilbert, P., McEwan, K., Lightman, S. & Glover, D. (2008), Clinical Neuropsychiatry.

Development Of A Striving To Avoid Inferiority Scale

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Paranoid Beliefs And Self-Criticism In Students

Mills, A., Gilbert, P., Bellew, R., McEwan, K. & Gale, C. (2007). Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Intelligent Kindness

By John Ballatt and Penny Campling.

Compassionate Mind Training with People who hear Malevolent Voices: A Case Series Report

Mayhew, S.L. & Gilbert, P.  15, 113-138 (2008). Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy.

Farsides, T. (2000). Winning Hearts And Minds: Using Psychology To Promote Voluntary Organ Donation

Health Care Analysis. 8, 101-121.

A pilot exploration of the use of compassionate images in a group of self-critical people

Paul Gilbert & Chris Irons (2004) Memory.

Criticizing and reassuring oneself: An exploration of forms, styles and reasons in female students

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Self-Criticism and Self-Warmth. An Imagery Study Exploring their Relation to Depression

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Compassionate Mind Training for People with High Shame and Self-Criticism: Overview and Pilot Study of a Group Therapy Approach

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Old and New Ideas of the Evolution of Mind and Psychotherapy

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