Videos from the 2015 Annual CMF Conference

01st September 2016

The 2015 Annual Compassionate Mind Foundation Conference was the biggest and best yet. Clinicians from all over the world met to discuss and share the latest research on the impact of compassion focused therapy. 

We heard about practical application of CFT in the NHS, learnt about new research in the scientific understanding of compassion across the world and were immersed in a brand new virtual reality compassion-based programme, which is being developed right here in the UK. 

Workshops involved participants in the therapeutic relationship with CFT, as well as how and where compassion is best applied for shame-based trauma and in educational settings. 

You can see the videos of the keynotes here. We hope you will join us this year for our 10th Annual CMF Conference, which takes placed in Manchester 19th-21st October. You can register here