Institut de Thérapie basée sur la Pleine Conscience et la compassion

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Compassionate Mind Foundation France

Founded in 2013 in Caen, the CMFF offers trainings in Compassion Focused Therapy and the Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight training pathway offered by the Mindfulness Association.

The Compassion Mind Foundation France started to teach CFT quite early after members met Paul Gilbert in the early 2010s. We translated all the material (slides, exercises...) into French and over the last four years have streamlined this into ready to use in these have different formats:
- 1/2 hours’ conference workshop (we had 250 participants recently in Paris at the 2017 French National Convention of CBT, the AFTCC)
- One day workshop 
- Two or three days’workshops (similar to the UK ones: Introductory, Experiential and Advanced).

Generally speaking, we try to be as experential as possible. Each workshop is divided into 90 minute sessions (4 per day ) with, for example, 45 minute of theoritical explanations and 45 minute of exercises, debriefing, role plays, etc ), and we have run these with different audiences in various locations around France and Belgium.

Besides teaching CFT, we also offer a dynamic teaching of Mindfulness based on Compassion and Insight (MBCI) inspired from what we have learned with Choden and the Mindfulness Association. These are organized as one year courses with 3 or 4 weekends per year, plus one or two retreats per year. Typically the teaching is delivered in three years: Mindfulness, Compassion and Insight. We also organize a teaching skills program for those who wish to continue in collaboration with well known European Mindfulness teachers.

The CMFF have implemented a clinical research program. The first results are encouraging and soon we should be ready to present the first results of the application of MBCI and CFT with psychiatric outpatients. All together we are very active and dedicated to the cause of transmitting what we have learnt in England: Mindfulness and CFT, often daringly mixing these two streams of knowledge and practices in an original manner. Last but not the least, we are very grateful to have met Paul and all of people involved in the different organizations aiming at teaching CFT around the world and spreading the Compassionate Mind Attitude; it has changed the way we live, teach and care for our patients.



‘La Joie de Vivre’ (The Joy of Living) 
Summer Retreat in France on 18-23 June 2018

Facilitated by Annick Nevejan & Olaf van Kooten (translated into French by Francis Gheysen et Pascal Delamillieure)

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Pr Pascal Delamillieure (MD, PhD), is Professor of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University Hospital of Caen. He practices in the field of integrative psychotherapy (Compassion Focused Therapy (TFC), Internal Family Therapy System (IFS), Mindfulness (MBLC, MBCI), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Ericksonnian hypnosis). He teaches Mindfulness and CFT with his friend and colleague, Dr. Francis Gheysen, with whom he has led more than twenty mindfulness groups. 




Dr. Francis Gheysen (MD) is a private practice psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Since 2010, he has completed most of his training in Britain following a dual training course: Compassion Focused Therapy with Paul Gilbert at Derby University, and training in mindfulness, compassion and insight with the Mindfulness Association in London (Samye Dzong) and Scotland (Samye Ling). He is particularly interested in the combination of these two approaches to integrating mindfulness in an original and innovative psychotherapeutic dimension (MBLC, MBCI, CFT, ACT).


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Irish Centre for Compassion Focused Therapy

The ICCFT is based in Dublin, and was founded in 2017 to provide therapy, consultation, and training

The Irish Centre for Compassion Focused Therapy (ICCFT) is based in Dublin and was founded in 2017 to provide therapy, consultation, and training. The ICCFT supports the Compassionate Mind Foundation’s mission to promote the study and application of compassion and CFT. The ICCFT is also currently involved in an exciting research collaboration with St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services that is aimed at identifying and understanding physiological responses to CFT.

More information to follow shortly.

Dr Katie Baird is the founder and director of the Irish Centre for Compassion Focused Therapy (ICCFT). Katie is a counselling psychologist with over 20 years' experience working with young people and adults. She trained in the USA, and has worked in mental health care and academic settings in Ireland for 17 years. Katie is a Chartered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland, and a Full Member of the American Psychological Association. She has been involved in a number of research projects exploring the impact of CFT, and is also a practicing CFT therapist and group facilitator Katie's enthusiasm for, and commitment to, compassion and CFT, and the wish to bring CFT to more people in Ireland, are the inspirations for the establishment of the ICCFT