2017 Conference

The Compassionate Mind Foundation host an annual International conference each year. This year's conference is the Foundation's 6th international conference and takes place on 16th-18th October 2017 in Birmingham. 

Compassion: Integrating Therapies 

Join us for a range of workshops on Monday 16th October and symposia, keynotes and poster presentations on Tuesday 17th-Wednesday 18th October. You can also join us at our conference dinner on Thursday 17th. There will be opportunities across the three days to meet other delegates, share ideas and develop networks. Our patron, Ruby Wax OBE will also be speaking on Tuesday 17th October on 'Frazzled: Personal Reflections on Mindfulness and Compassion'.

Below is more information about the workshops, keynotes and symposia.


There are 6 full-day workshops taking place on 16th October. These run from 9.30am - 4.30pm.

Workshop 1: Cultivating Psychological Courage and Flexibility from the Dynamics of Compassion and Prosociality

Cultivating psychological courage and flexibility from the
dynamics of compassion
and prosociality

Presented by Dr Dennis Tirch, Dr Laura Silberstein and supported by Paul Gilbert


Workshop 2: Compassion Focused Therapy for Trauma

Presented by Dr Deborah Lee

Workshop 3: Developmental of Ethical Ecological Practice (DEEP)

Presented by Darcia Narvaez 

Workshop 4: CFT and DBT for People with Borderline Difficulties 

Presented by Dr Martin Bohus 

Workshop 5: Positive Psychology in the Context for CFT

Presented by Dr Ernst Bohlmeijer 

Workshop 6: Acting and the Cultivation of the Compassionate Mind 

Presented by Dr Korina Ioannou and Gareth Kennerley (National Acting Trainer)