For Individuals

This section includes exercises, audio, video and links to books and resources where you can learn more about the compassionate mind and compassion focused therapy.

A guiding principle of the Compassionate Mind Foundation is that our human potentials for creativity, love, altruism, compassion, but also for selfishness, vengeance and cruelty are all linked to the way our brains have evolved to solve various challenges to survival.

Modern research is beginning to illuminate the genetic basis of these dispositions and the way our social relationships, from the cradle to the grave, shape our brains and value systems, and thus dispositions to create different patterns of activity in our brains. The more we understand these processes the more we can understand how different patterns in our minds are created. This knowledge allows us to stand back and explore ways to manage the potentials in our evolved brains’ such that we can advance certain dispositions and potentials over others.

We hope you find the resources in this section useful. If you feel Compassion Focused Therapy would be useful to you, your local GP can signpost you to CFT counsellors in your area as we don't currently hold a list of therapists offering Compassion Focused Therapy.

If you would like further information about compassion, the Compassionate Wellbeing organisation runs public workshops designed to introduce some of the theories and techniques developed by leading figures in the field of compassion research and practise. These workshops aim to provide a relaxed and supportive atmosphere in which you can learn how to utilise the benefits of compassionate for yourself and others. For more information visit the Compassionate Wellbeing website.